2. stiingrays:

    Score! Catching up on bass player magazine and found @tranquilmammoth in the February issue. #afi

    (via pulltheneedlesfrombeneathmyskin)

  3. london-is-stranger:

    One of the happiest, most surreal moments of my life. Getting to interview Davey and Jade in their tour bus lounge. #casualweekend. I’ve wanted to meet my hometown heroes since I was 13… 21 now. All those years ago interviewing them seemed like something only MTV VJs and fancy Rolling Stone people got to do. I only dreamed that one day I would be doing it. A wild dream back then. Made me laugh that Jade put one of the vegan cupcakes I gave them on his head for the photo. A whirlwind weekend in Nashville was worth all the memories. Read it here



  5. Did you miss the Rockline interview? No worries, listen to it above on our Soundcloud.


  9. citywasaflame:

    Hunter Burgan of AFI (by kimberly marie lawson)

    can we just discuss the awesomeness that is this man! he wore his effing vampire teeth on stage while playing on Halloween!!!